About us

About us

Verde Vivace is the labor of love of a Finnish-Italian couple


We moved to Calabria in 2014 and set out to preserve and cultivate not only the family land, but also olive groves that had been abandoned for many years.

Our aim is to produce high quality, artisanal olive oil, a product that people can trust and appreciate.

We also want to share with everybody the beauty of Calabria, a region full of history, enchanting scenery and mouth-watering cuisine.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Verde Vivace Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with love and attention to detail


Since we are a small company, we’re able to be personally involved in all the phases of the production; from cultivation to harvest, to wrapping the finished product and sending it to our clients.

The oil is pressed on the same day the olives are harvested, to secure the quality and freshness of the product.

We harvest in early October when the olives are still green, which is the best way to make the healthiest type of olive oil, full of polyphenols and good fats.

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