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Calabria is of the southern regions of Italy. It’s home to nearly 2 million people who live between the stunning Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Seas. Calabria is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina. There’s roughly around 800 km of coastline, so you can easily find your favourite beach. If you prefer cooler temperatures, you’ll be happy to know that a large part of Calabria is mountainous, and it has three large national parks perfect for hiking, bird-watching, rock-climbing or rafting. The climate is warm(ish) during the winter and hot during summers.

Among the most interesting tourist destinations

are the ancient medieval villages, often situated on rocky hillsides looking down wide valleys. Each village tells a different story and represent ancient customs and traditions of their region. The most picturesque ones are Gerace, Morano Calabro, Rocca Imperiale, Santa Severina, Aieta, Bova and Fiumefreddo Bruzio. You will be surrounded by history and you will be offered the most delicious local food wherever you choose to go.

The specialities in cuisine include hot chili peppers

‘Nduja (spicy, spreadable pork sausage), fresh fish (try the swordfish and Baccalà), various dishes made with eggplants, pasta (of course) and the famous ice cream, Tartufo.

Have you booked your ticket yet? These places are worth the visit: Pollino National Park, Sila National Park, Pizzo Calabro, Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Scilla, San Nicola Arcella, Roccella Ionica, Pentidattilo.

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