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Today we are launching our new series of showcasing delicious food from all over the world, all cooked using Verde Vivace Extra Virgin Olive Oil. First up are two enthusiastic food bloggers Anni and Giuli, who are presenting their take on one of the most popular dishes in Finland. The key ingredient is a fish you might not know, nor get a hold of easily, so feel free to try it out with any type of whitebait, small fish often used for frying.

Vendace is a small, freshwater whitefish, closely related to salmon. Finns mostly eat it fried during the summer, with the first potatoes of the season. Another thing that makes this recipe very Finnish is the use of rye flour. It gives the breading a nice malty, nutty taste, so it’s definitely something worth trying!

Anni and Giuli you can find on Instagram, go check them out!


400 g Vendace (or other type of whitebait)
150 ml/65 g rye flour
a touch of salt
Verde Vivace Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Mix rye flour and salt.
2. Dip the fish in the flour and fry them briefly in hot oil.


150 ml/135 g of Verde Vivace Extra Virgin Olive Oil
a handful of Dill
a touch of sea salt

1. Measure the oil into a container and chop the dill.
2. Add salt and stir.

In addition

1 kg of new potatoes

1. Boil the potatoes in salted water until cooked through.
2. Drain and mix with Dill oil.

Serve the plate with additional Dill oil, it’s worth it!

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